Whizzy D

Collection of creative minds

WHIZZY D – Art, Animation & Design- WHIZZY D is a collection of creative minds crafting compelling animation for the world’s most progressive brands. We think good and work smart. We’re savvy enough to handle big and small projects and resourceful enough to know how to get it done. We are a down-to-earth bunch of directors, producers, animators and artists who are in a constant quest to push the boundaries of storytelling. Our dedication to the craft is present from concept to final cut. We all love what we do - and it shows in our work.

You game it, or name it, if it moves in a 2D or 3D world we’re on it. WHIZZY D offers a full spectrum in animation, motion graphics, design, scripting, storyboarding, content creation and post-production.


As we say, Animation for any situation.

We have produced thousands of minutes of top quality 3D & 2D Animation, visual effects in HD for film, tv, computer games, commercials and mobile, which are aired all over. Our work has connected us with corporations, agencies, brands, business owners, bloggers, philanthropists, and visionaries worldwide. Half of our work comes from repeat customers. That’s because we’re good, fast, and always up for a chat!

Each project is a journey that we get to share with our clients, and it brings us closer as people. Join the ever-growing list of our happy clients.